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Axel SchoenertArchitectes

Hôtel Beauchamps

Paris, France

Axel Schoenert - Hotel Beauchamps - 01

Paris Inn Group has entrusted Axel Schoenert architects with the restructuring of the Beauchamps Hotel, located in the 8th district of Paris.

It is a complex of three buildings, built between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, which have been renovated several times, creating a mess in its interior decoration. Unifying the three buildings and making them harmonious was essential. The concept was to create a general theme for the whole hotel in order to enhance the coherent architecture and to imagine a new identity for the whole.
Inspired by its geographical location, a place for walking and strolling and its strong tourist attraction, the choice of the concept was based on the theme of the flâneur. This term, mentioned by the French writer Charles Baudelaire and then developed by the German philosopher Walter Benjamin, designates anything that does not specifically belong to a place. He feels at home in any place, contemplating the world before his eyes. The spirit of the flâneur in the 21st century is characterized by the city traveler, who breaks his rhythm by stopping in rare and precious moments to relax.
Paris Inn Group

Surface area 
3.500 m²

Hotel, Restaurant

24 Rue de Ponthieu, 75008 Paris

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© Paris Inn Group 
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Axel Schoenert Architectes