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Endowment fund

Axel Schoenert architectes launches ESIKA !

The architectural agency Axel Schoenert architects is launching its endowment fund: Esika (goddess of the tree). A name full of meaning for the agency, which aims to engage in tree protection and the development of the wood industry. This new initiative aligns with the agency's commitment to reducing the carbon footprint of its projects while designing work and living spaces focused on the well-being of occupants and adapted to new climate and health challenges.

Fully aware of the new challenges of sustainable development, both in the rehabilitation or conversion of existing structures and in new construction, Axel Schoenert architects is dedicated to offering innovative and adapted architectural-urban responses. The agency prioritizes building reversibility, reasoned management of its construction sites, obtaining the most demanding environmental certifications and labels, creating green and accessible outdoor spaces, and opting for low-carbon solutions to design, renovate, and build the city of tomorrow. Through the creation of its endowment fund Esika, Axel Schoenert architects has placed sustainable development and research for wood development at the heart of its actions.
The endowment fund aims to support and develop actions of general interest with a scientific nature, contributing to the defense of the natural environment and the protection of biodiversity, particularly by working for the wood industry.

Esika will kick off its activities with a call for projects, inviting organizations, companies, students, and researchers to submit proposals aligned with its objectives. Axel Schoenert architects encourages anyone or any entity sharing its commitment to sustainability to contribute to the endowment fund, whether through financial donations, strategic partnerships, or active participation in supported projects.

Want to support Esika?

Esika is launching a call for donations in favor of the projects it will have the pleasure to support. The donations you make are tax-deductible:
- from your income tax up to 66% of the amount of your donation (within the limit of 20% of your taxable income)
- from corporate tax up to 60% of the amount of your donation (within the limit of €20,000 or 5% of the turnover realized during the fiscal year)
- from real estate wealth tax up to 75% of the amount of your donation (within the limit of €50,000).

Feel free to contact us: contact@fondsdotationesika.com  

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