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Axel SchoenertArchitectes

25hours Hotel Terminus Nord

Paris, France

Hua Kee has entrusted the restructuring of the hotel 25hours Hotel Terminus to the agency Axel Schoenert architects.

Highlighting the richness of its history, the agency Axel Schoenert architects has redefined the hotel through terms that characterize today such as movement, current technology, elegance and comfort.
It meets contemporary needs: calm and luxurious, the hotel offers an ideal setting to meet, organize a work meeting, have lunch or dinner, sleep there ... Or simply to have a drink and enjoy a relaxing !
The majestic entrance of the hotel, before encapsulated in the building and not visible between the breweries and the mouth of subway, is enlarged on two frames, in width and height and is rethought to the proportions of the building.
Designed by the architect's pen, the grand monumental door is in keeping with the typically Parisian old style and responds to contemporary forms.
Cut metal and screen-printed glass, it is made using old materials while using current technologies. The opening of the space, the removal of floors and the reorganization of the whole involved in the creation of a fluid entrance to the height of the establishment.
Behind this entrance is a new double height entrance hall with a crossing walkway and a monumental staircase leading to the first floor.
Designed on two levels, the entrance reserves the reception of the customers on the ground floor with an extension via the quick check-in with the services of the hotel. A new restaurant and a bar open to all and invite you to admire the view of the Gare du Nord.
Flexible and airy, the reception generates an area from which the entire hotel is visible. Also, to perpetuate this global reading, the facade was lifted and restored in its original spirit. The renovation project combines existing and contemporary, revealing its new skin and its new identity: 25hours Hotel Terminus Nord.
The configuration of the 237 rooms has been kept in broad outline while adapting the entire building to accessibility and security regulations. The 4-star hotel has been designed in its entirety so that it offers all the comforts necessary for a smooth stay.
Facing the Gare du Nord, the hotel will match the prestige and dynamism of the latter, always with a concern to preserve its authenticity while having a new contemporary breath affirmed and modernized.
Emblem of the Parisian capital, extension of the station that leads to him, to work there, meet or just relax ... The 25hours Hotel Terminus North becomes a spontaneous choice.
It would be almost natural to miss his train, to hang out a little longer ...

Refurbishment - Conception & Execution

Hua Kee


10 000 m² - 237 rooms

Hotel, Restaurant and Bar

12 boulevard de Denain 75010 Paris

Nicolas Matheus
Axel Schoenert Architectes