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UFO book release

4 years after its delivery, the UFO project continues to make headlines with the release of our book "UFO - Unique Flexible Offices".

Axel Schoenert architects is proud to announce the release of the book "UFO - Unique Flexible Offices", retracing the collaborative adventure with Austrian bank Raiffeisen Immobilien in transforming a 1970s office building into a contemporary architectural icon.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating story of this ambitious project, discover an exclusive cross-interview, and follow the stages of the transformation through captivating images.

Through the pages of UFO, you'll discover :
- Behind the scenes of the UFO project - a long-term investment
- Testimonials from the key players: Alfred Hajdu of Raiffeisen Immobilien and architect Axel Schoenert - A special insight into the international Franco-Austrian collaboration between investor and architect
- The creative process behind a unique piece of architecture

Many thanks to all the people and teams who made this project possible!

Published by Ante Prima - AAM éditions
Production and realization :Ante Prima consultants
Author :Olivier Namias
Translation :Nick Hargreaves 
Graphic design :undo redo design, Nicola Aguzzi,Tommaso Pucci
Photographers: Axel Dahl, Salem Mostefaoui, Roland Rudolph, Marco Schoenert
Printing: Printing house KOPA
Axel Schoenert Architectes