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Axel SchoenertArchitectes

18 Hamelin

Paris, France

Close to the Palais de Tokyo and Place du Trocadéro, 18 rue de l'Amiral Hamelin, the former property of Chaumet founder Marie-Étienne Nitot, is about to be restructured in line with the latest trends in the service sector.

In reference to its prestigious past, the building has been redesigned as a veritable jewel, focusing on the enhancement of its architectural setting. With its blend of elegance, modernity and efficiency, the project involved both enhancing the existing assets and rethinking the building to make it contemporary and flexible. In addition to replacing the existing glass roof, opening the porte cochère to use the historic entrance as the main entrance, and adding a new circulation in the greenhouse area reminiscent of the monumental staircase, the project was designed to enhance the green spaces, with the creation of a vertical greenhouse and the upgrading of the existing terraces to green spaces. In addition, every effort has been made to bring nature and natural light to the various levels and generate high-quality workspaces. 

The design of the project is intended to meet high environmental criteria, constituting objectives to be attained. In addition, the project is aiming for the following certifications: Breeam Excellent, HQE Excellent, BBCA and Wired Score.


Restructuring - Conception & Execution

Sienna & SFO Capital Partners

2 515 m²


18 rue de l'Amiral Hamelin 75016 Paris

BREEAM Excellent, HQE 
Excellent, WIREDSCORE Classique, BBCA
Axel Schoenert Architectes