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Visite Bayard - ADI

ADI members visited the Maison Bayard on June 29, 2021. This event was organized with Nexity in the presence of Axel Schoenert architects and the owner of the building LaSalle Investment Management .
The project involves the restructuring of the post-Haussmann buildings as well as the demolition and reconstruction of the 1970s building that housed the RTL radio station for 80 years. The demolished building will be replaced by a new construction in a "low carbon" wood structure developing over seven floors and reaching a height of 25 meters.
It meets a strong environmental requirement based both on a wood structure construction and on a low carbon impact operation. Maison Bayard benefits from an ambitious level of certification where 5 environmental certifications and labels are targeted: BREEAM VERY GOLD, WELL GOLD, HQE EXCELLENT, BBCA and WIRED SCORE GOLD.
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Axel Schoenert Architectes