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Axel SchoenertArchitectes


Biennale Architettura 2023

Once again this year, the agency was present at the pre-opening of the Architettura Biennale, held in Venice from 18 to 19 May. The 2023 edition was curated by Ghanaian-Scottish curator Lesley Lokko, and its theme was "The Laboratory of the Future". This 18th edition highlights the exemplary nature of architectural production and research from all over the world, which can be seen until 26 November 2023, an architectural event that the agency once again had the pleasure of attending.
The agency was also lucky enough to be invited to the inauguration of this year's French Pavilion, represented by the "Ball Theater - La fête n'est pas finie" project by Muoto Architectes (Gilles Delalex and Yves MOREAU), in association with Georgi Stanishev and Clémence La Sagna, for the scenography, Jos Auzende, associate curator, and Anna Tardivel for the programming. A project that provides an original and open response to the questions and challenges posed by this Biennale.
Axel Schoenert Architectes