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Advocacy for an office in Paris

Four working hypotheses

After more than a year of collaborative work, the book "Plaidoyer pour un bureau à Paris, Quatre hypothèses de travail" is out in bookstores !

With its projects, Axel Schoenert Architects is at the center of the urban renewal of Paris. Among them are 4 complex restructuring or new construction projects that are intended to be the heart of a book about the new challenges of architecture and real estate of tomorrow. An editorial project in collaboration with Giovanna Carrer, Ingrid Nappi and Laurent Lehmann and published by Ante Prima, AAM.
Following its release in bookstores, Lucianna Ravanel (editor), Olivier Namias (author) and Axel Schoenert (architect), Ingrid Nappi (professor, expert in sustainability, transition, management, cities and real estate) and Laurent Lehmann (consultant for the real estate industry, marketing and innovations) will discuss with the public of the Librairie du Centre Pompidou on Thursday, January 26th from 6:30 pm. 


The constant rise in land prices in the world's major metropolises is creating a number of problems, but from the point of view of commercial real estate, it has the advantage of encouraging the best possible use of existing space. The creation of value is largely based on the architectural project of rehabilitation. Moreover, the architect plays an indispensable role in proposing reversible and resilient buildings. The complete overhaul of the common areas is at the heart of the strategy of restructuring projects, as shown by those carried out by Axel Schoenert Architects, around the capital's golden triangle.

: Olivier Namias
Publisher: Ante Prima - AAM Editions
Contributors: Giovanna Carrer, Ingrid Nappi, Laurent Lehamann
Graphic designer: Undo-Redo (Nicola Aguzzi and Tommaso Pucci) 
Photographers: ©Simon Guesdon, ©Axel Dahl, ©Eric Durand , ©Florent Michel, ©Luc Boegly , ©Salem Mostefaoui and ©Didier Delmas
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