Réinventer Paris - Site Ternes-Villiers

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The agency Axel Schoenert architectes answered the call for projects Réinventer Paris launched in fall 2014 by the City of Paris.
The spreading city led to new polarities. Traffic flows are redistributed to the whole area, and the dependence on the city center is now out of date. People and goods don’t only go from the suburbs to the city and vice versa, the patterns they follow are more complex. There is more and more shifting within the suburbs and between districts. It is with this perspective that the site Ternes-Villiers, located next to the Paris ring road and to a current city gate, should serve as a connection between the city and the suburb, and assist with the lessening of Paris ring road which plays the role of a border between Paris and the suburbs. We should merge both with a strong symbol: a school.
The site is located at the junction between different traffic flows which have to be channeled, redistributed vertically and horizontally, the emitted CO² has to be absorbed, turned into energy and used within the building. Traffic flows should communicate through the building and a transport unit should be included: a smart car park and public transportation (metro, tram). The project fits in well with its surroundings and takes into account the Palais des Congrès (an international conference center), schools and the Hyatt hotel (900 rooms) located nearby. The project is very symbolic: a vertical mixed use building containing a school, students accommodations, offices and stores.
The school is the heart of the project. With this element we could support our choices of aquaponics, natural daylight, vegetable gardens on the pent roofs, plants on the facades, experimental greenhouses and labs. Students accommodations and part of the offices will be devoted to school users, researchers, engineers and start-up companies taking part in this complex, research and innovation incubator.


Ville de Paris


27.000 m2


Commercial, Equipement, Hotel, Restaurant, Logement, Service Sector


Competition, Concours


Paris , France