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Réinventer Paris - Site Morland

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The agency Axel Schoenert architectes answered the call for projects Réinventer Paris launched in fall 2014 by the City of Paris. The site Morland is exceptionally well located: in the center of the French capital, in the heart of a historic district and along the Seine, it is an imposing complex. The project evokes the past of the site - it was the 3rd island in the Seine, the Louviers island -, links it to the contemporary concept of the skyline, and evolves from the existing building, following horizontal axes while being perfectly integrated into its dense urban environment. It will be a true green island, with large vegetated spaces and a four times environmentally certified building, the only one of its kind in the world.
Many activities will be linked with each other. This mixed use building will genuinely draw social groups and generations together. It will take a fresh look at tomorrow’s city: by rejecting the principle of partition, it will gather all kinds of people and generations, while keeping each of them unique. Boundaries will vanish, functionalities will become flexible. Creating a natural bond, living back together and applying an entirely green concept are the key elements of the project.


Ville de Paris


40.000 m2


Competition, Concours


Paris, France




site morland - reinventer paris - Axel Schoenert architectes